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Detecting Industrial Network Anomalies without the Risk of Disruption

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Dave Weinstein , Claroty, VP of Threat Research


Many asset owners have seen firsthand that becoming proactive about cyber protection for industrial systems in their plants is becoming a requirement. Yet at the same time, production processes cannot be disrupted, even for reducing cybersecurity risk in some cases. Key security controls that can address high risk areas such as secure remote access for employees and third party vendors/supply chain partners, and continuous monitoring of plant assets for threats and vulnerabilities are essential to deter cyber threats which can disrupt process controls and production.

In this session, Dave Weinstein, Claroty VP of Threat Research shares use cases from the field that demonstrate “zero-impact” deep packet inspection to precisely profile and dissect communications between assets in complex and sensitive industrial networks which can often indicate hidden cyber risks.

These passive techniques can identify misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and anomalies plus provide operational security gaps and context so that plants can now have visibility into what’s happening and what to do about it without downtime, manual labor or having to become industrial cybersecurity experts overnight.

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