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Tim Roxey NERC Chief Security Officer and Chief Special Operations Officer Keynote Presenter 2018

The Cyber Senate is pleased to announce we will be joined by Tim Roxey, NERC Chief Security Officer and Chief Special Operations Officer as an additional Keynote Presenter for the Cyber Senate 5th Annual Industrial Control Cyber Security Europe Conference
Tim Roxey
Tim Roxey is presently the Chief Cyber Security Officer for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).
Previously Mr. Roxey was the Deputy Chair for the Nuclear Sector Coordinating Council and also the Technical Assistant to the Vice Chair for Constellation Energy.
Mr. Roxey has 32years of experience in the utility industry serving in organizations such as Operations, Information Technology, Licensing, Security, among others. Mr. Roxey also has over 35 years of computer related experience working on many different OS’s and in many different languages.
In his prior work Mr. Roxey was involved in a variety of both physical and cyber security related issues across the entire nuclear sector of the United States. Mr. Roxey also served, by invitation, on two Presidential Commissions helping to prepare guidance for the next administration.
In early 2007 a difficult Cyber vulnerability was brought to the attention of the Private Sector through a series of briefings from the Department of Homeland Security. These briefings led to Mr. Roxey being given the leadership position for the entire private sector on the newly disclosed control systems vulnerability called Aurora. In this capacity Mr. Roxey has interacted with many different Federal organizations including Congressional Committees, the White House, DOE, DoD, NERC, FERC and the NRC.
Specialties: Security related matters – both physical and cyber
Regulatory interactions

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